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BC Breweries That Started Pouring in 2017

Anyone who thought that BC would start seeing a saturation point for craft beer was highly mistaken; 2017 proved once again that business is booming!

An astounding 21 breweries came online this past year, a number that could have been even higher with a few breweries barely missing the deadline and nearing completion for early 2018. Overall we’ve seen great diversity in the new openings, with a lot of breweries launching in smaller communities around the province.

Here’s the complete list of 2017’s breweries to check out:

Andina Brewing (Vancouver)

Andina Brewing

If you’ve been anywhere near the east Vancouver neighourhood, then it’s hard to miss the giant yellow building that houses Andina. Specializing in South American themed beer and appetizers.

Backcountry Brewing (Squamish)

Backcountry Brewing

One of the newest additions to Squamish, Backcountry has already garnered a few awards from the BC Beer Awards and has some excellent pizza on site.

Backroads Brewing (Nelson)

Backroads brewing

Nelson is starting to develop a thriving craft beer scene. With Backroads as the latest addition, the small community has a lot of taps to choose from.

Beard’s Brewing (Fort Saint John)


The doors to this brewery just opened in the last week of November and the community of Fort Saint John already seems pumped to have a new craft brewer.

Beere Brewing (North Vancouver)

Beere Brewing

North Vancouver isn’t content with letting Vancouver have all the fun; Beere Brewing is just one of the latest to pop up in the area, with more on the way.

Crossroads Brewing (Prince George)

Crossroads brewing

It’s been a long time coming but finally Prince George has a craft brewery to call its own. Currently you can only get this at the brewery, but they hope to start selling cans/bottles soon.

Detonate Brewing (Summerland)

Detonate Brewing

They may be small, but they’ve got the resources of the entire Okanagan Valley to draw from, so hopefully there will be some interesting brew coming out of them.

East Van Brewing (Vancouver)

East Van Brewing

The newest kid on the block in East Vancouver, they are embracing the spirit of the area and leaning in to the east van heritage.

Gibsons Tapworks (Gibsons)

Gibsons Tapworks

The first of two new breweries in Gibsons on this list, they’ve got a cool little space where they host live music and trivia.

Iron Road Brewing (Kamloops)

Iron Road Brewing

Iron Road Brewing is what happens when two geologists with a passion for great beer get together and start a craft brewery. They also happen to be one block away from the University.

Mariner Brewing (Coquitlam)

Mariner Brewing

Seems crazy that it took this long for Coquitlam to get its first brewery, but here we are. Mariner should do well considering they are the first out of the gate.

Morningstar Brewing (Vancouver)

Morningstar Brewing

One of the new contract breweries pouring out of Callister in east van, they aren’t the only one so you get the benefit of trying out three breweries for the price of one while there.

Mount Arrowsmith (Parksville)

Mount Arrowsmith Brewing

New to Parksville, Mount Arrowsmith has come onto the stage with a big splash. They won best brewery in BC after only being six months old.

Night Owl Brewing (Vancouver)

Night Owl Brewing

The other contract brewery in Callister, they have a great milk stout.

Red Bird Brewing (Kelowna)

Red Bird Brewing

Another Okanagan based brewery, Kelowna now has several to choose from.

Silver Valley Brewing (Maple Ridge)


Here’s a good reason to make the trek out to Maple Ridge on a sunny day (whenever those are coming back).

Sooke Brewing Company (Sooke)


One of the later additions to the year, they just opened their doors on November 20th.

The 101 Brewhouse & Distillery (Gibsons)


Gibsons is coming out strong with their craft beer game. It’s exciting to see so many breweries find a home in this community.

Trail Beer Refinery (Trail)


Established in 2016 but doors didn’t open until 2017, these guys feel like they would be right at home in the bustling Vancouver market without feeling out of place in Trail.

Twin City Brewing (Port Alberni)


Another remote town that can boast a new craft brewery. At this pace, practically every town/city in BC is going to have craft beer to call their own.

Two Wolves Brewing (Vancouver)


Contract brewers coming out of the recently established Factory Brewing in Vancouver. You’ll find their two offerings in cans and bottles in stores and nowhere else at the moment.

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