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The Annual Grey Goose Summer Soiree is One of the Best Parties of the Year

Ok, so you read that headline and thought to yourself “Why do I care about a party that has already passed and I didn’t go to?” Honestly, because the party is really fun, and it comes every year. So let me explain why you want to keep this on your radar for 2018.

For the last few years, Grey Goose has been celebrating summer with a big cross-Canada bash that embodies the French roots of the vodka provider. While the specific theme, and location, of the event changes every year the party always provides amble food and creative Grey Goose cocktails. This year’s theme, ‘Sunset Soiree’ was a french style picnic in the garden of the Cecil Green Park House at UBC, which is a stunning way to enjoy a martini and some charcuterie.


Honestly, Grey Goose puts a lot of effort into these events and it shows. With a number of free flowing cocktail stations, Oyster bars, curated meals, music, photo-op’s, games, etc. there is just a lot to take in and it never seems like the night lasts long enough.


Now it would be a moot point for me to be writing about an event that the public can’t attend, but these Grey Goose events tend to be open to the public. This year’s event was ticketed at $150 pp, which seems steep but I can justify the cost. For $150 you get an entry cocktail, then let’s say you eat a few exceptionally well prepared oysters along with a stiff vodka martini, you then are served a four course picnic meal along with a bottle of premixed cocktail. After dinner, you imbibe in a few more cocktails, including the ridiculously good espresso martini, and some desserts; on the way out you’re handed a little box of macaroons as party favours. None of this mentions the entertainment or well curated atmosphere. Now based on all that, I think the price is justified, plus you get a chance to enjoy one of the best (in my opinion) parties of the summer.


Is it highbrow? Yes. Does it appeal to everyone? No. Typically these types of events aren’t my standard fare, and I admit I’m more comfortable in the confines of Storm Brewing than I would be at say Reflections at the Hotel Georgia; but, if I’m going to clean-up for one event a year, it’ll be Grey Goose’s party every single time.

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