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Celebrate Canada’s 150th with these Commemorative Beers and Spirits

Canada Day is fast approaching, and this year we’re celebrating a special milestone, 150 years. While there are a number of different ways Canadian companies are celebrating, one unique way beer and spirit producers are celebrating is by releasing commemorative editions for this special day.

Whether you’re a beer, wine, or spirits drinker, here are some of the best opportunities to cheers Canada’s milestone birthday.

Red Racer Across the Nation Collaboration


Nothing says Canada more than getting a brewery from every province and territory to contribute to this special 12 pack. This collaboration pack is available across the country and is one that provides a snapshot of what each province can offer when it comes to craft beer.

Forty Creek Confederation Oak Whisky


Canada has some excellent whisky, and Forty Creek has decided to celebrate 150 with a special packaging of their Confederation Oak Whisky. Aged in barrels crafted from locally-sourced Canadian oak trees first rooted at the time of Confederation, Forty Creek Confederation Oak pays homage to the series of events that helped shape the foundation of Canada. A full-bodied whisky, the Forty Creek Confederation Oak has an ever-evolving aroma that starts with layers of maple, raisin, vanilla and fig, followed by spice and orange blossoms. This special package features commemorative artwork from a Calgary based artist.

Lohin & McKinnon Barley and Rye Whisky


Speaking of Whisky, Central City has also released a special bottle with Canada’s 150 in mind. The Lohin McKinnon 150th Anniversary Edition is hand-crafted in BC and is a blend of malted Canadian rye whisky aged in bourbon barrels, and lightly peated barley whisky aged in Orloroso sherry barrels.

Moosehead Anniversary Ale


Moosehead happens to share a birthday with Canada, so they’ve released a special brew celebrating both. Moosehead Anniversary Ale is a Canadian pale ale made with 100% Canadian ingredients sourced from coast-to-coast. Truly a ‘taste of Canada’, this hop-forward pale ale is made with hops from Thompson Okanagan, British Columbia, Sainte-Anne-de-Prescott, Ontario and Moose Mountain, New Brunswick, and Canadian barley malt from Neustadt, Ontario and the Canadian Prairies.

Innis & Gunn 150


While not directly from Canada, that’s not stopping Innis & Gunn from celebrating along with us. The special 150 edition is brewed with Canadian Malted Rye Crystal and fistfuls of Goldings and Cascade hops, and then matured in 150 oak barrels for 150 days. After maturation, two emblematic ingredients were added: a hint of Canadian maple syrup and Scottish wild thistle.

EPIC 1867 Wineries


Ten participating wineries, have each produced a bottle of wine with a unique, custom-designed label for this special limited collection. To pay respect to the pioneers who, in the wilderness of Windsor Essex, carved out a path for the wineries today, each label incorporates a chapter of winemaking history and the entire collection connects the past with the present.

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