Five Weird Beers Worth Trying

Weird beer is something that can’t be avoided. For as long as there are brewmasters, there will be brewmasters that get bored one day and say “I wonder if I can make beer out of…”

But it’s one thing to say, make a beer out of vaginal yeast (still not sure if that is real or not) as a novelty, and an entirely different thing to make a weird beer that is actually good.

So without further ado, here are a few weird beers that may seem insane at first, but will actually surprise you with how drinkable they actually are.

Stedji Brewery: Hvalur 2 (Iceland)


Weird ingredient: Let’s get this out of the way right now, it’s whale testicles. But not just any whale testicle, sheep dung-smoked whale testicles from a Fin-whale.

Taste: I was handed this beer after some friends went to Iceland. I wasn’t told about the weird factor until about half-way through, and to be honest I could taste a little odd saltiness to the ale. But the reality is, even after knowing what was in it, I still finished the bottle.

Verdict: Once you’re past the “ick” factor, a well made amber ale.

Wynkoop Brewing: Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout (Colorado)


Weird ingredient: So you read the first and said “man those Icelander’s are nuts! We’d never drink anything like that in North America.” Well you’re right; we don’t have whale testicles, we’ve got bull testicles, 25 pounds of them to be exact.

Taste:  This is a bold stout.  Exceptionally viscous with a rich brown/black color, a balanced mouthfeel and deep flavors of chocolate, espresso and nuts (no pun intended).

Verdict: Apparently testicles are good for beer, this is one of their best seasonal releases.

Right Brain Brewery: Mangalista Pig Porter (Michigan)


Weird ingredient: Moving on from testicles, next up is pig.  This porter is brewed with real smoked pig heads and bones.

Taste:  This beer legitimately put Right Brain on the map. Honestly it tastes exactly as advertised, it’s like drinking smoked pork or liquefied bacon.

Verdict: Fan of bacon? You’ll be a fan of this beer.

Tofino Brewing: Kelp Stout (British Columbia)


Weird ingredient: Stepping away from animal parts for the moment, this stout is brewed with fresh kelp from the Pacific Ocean.

Taste:  Apparently stouts and porters are forgiving with weird ingredients. Notes of chestnut, chocolate and of course salt are present, making it a very umami like beer.

Verdict: A strong salty stout that will make you think of the sea.

Mamma Mia Pizza Beer: Seefurth Brewing (Illinois)


Weird ingredient: According to the Seefurth’s, who started as homebrewers, it’s an entire margarita pizza put into a beer.

Taste:  This should come as no surprise but it tastes exactly like pizza. Notes of oregano, basil, tomato and garlic are heavily present.

Verdict: It’s a beer that is a pizza, man if it isn’t an amazing time to be alive. Just don’t drink more than one.


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