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Vancouver Craft Beer Week Announces 2016 Collaboration Brew

Every summer the most anticipated event for craft beer lovers in Vancouver is the Vancouver Craft Beer Week. In just a few short years the event went from a small well attended festival to one of the largest beer festivals in Canada. It also happens to be one of the best festivals to source out new breweries and beers; I personally discovered both Dageraad and Steel and Oak (two of my favourite breweries) at past events.

One of the annual traditions for VCBW is to feature a unique, one of a kind collaboration brew each year, with breweries pairing up to create something truly memorable. Last year Red Truck, Main Street and Parallel 49 teamed up to bring a Campfire Kolsch, while 2014 was Phillips and Central City pairing to make the PrevAle  a Califonia Commons. In my opinion, every year’s collaboration has been exceptional and unique, and this year looks to follow that trend.

VCBW has announced that Steel and Oak and Strange Fellows will be partnering to bring….a  a traditional Bière de Saison with an Oceanic twist. The Saison will be inspired by flavours from Down Under, incorporating New Zealand hops and Tasmanian pepper berries.

Both these breweries are unafraid to take chances, hell that’s basically the foundation of Strange Fellows, so I expect that this will not be your typical Saison.

The best part, besides getting some spectacular beer, is $1 of all sales goes towards a charitable cause. This year’s recipient is Music Heals is a not-for-profit charitable society based in British Columbia.  The charitable foundation raises awareness on the healing properties of music and supports music therapy services across BC and Canada.  Music Heals funds music therapy for at-risk youth, children’s hospitals and patients in senior’s centres and palliative care.

The Saison will be available at the VCBW event, and generally sold in 650ml bottles in most liquor stores. For more information on Vancouver Craft Beer Week, please visit the website


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