Five BC Craft Beers for the Winter Season

It’s about that time of year when Vancouverites might start to forget what sunny days feel like. But winter doesn’t have to get you down–it’s in fact the perfect time of year for enjoying some local seasonal beers.

Here are five seasonal craft beers that are the perfect companion to a wintry Vancouver day:

Russell Brewing Co.- Timbertrain Coffee Stout

Cannery Brewing/Facebook" target="_blank">Russell Brewing Company/Facebook

This is single handedly one of the finest examples of a coffee stout you will find in BC. With the addition of cold pressed coffee from Timbertrain, this stout smells and tastes like coffee heaven. Limited run and not to be missed.

Powell Street Brewing- Mosaic Sour


Not all winter beers need to be dark. The third kettle sour release from Powell Street, this beer is surprisingly fruity with almost a sour pineapple flavour to it. It’s a Belgian Wheat style, so not as acidic or sharp as other sour ales out there.

Hoyne Brewing- Appleton E.S.B.


The Appleton E.S.B is a fantastic example of a well balanced beer. Toasted malt and caramel tones lead the palate with a surprising hop finish that showcases the robust character of this beer.

Strange Fellows Brewing- Nocturnum

Strange Fellows Brewing/Facebook

For an IPA that’s a little different, look no further than Strange Fellows. Their Nocturnum dark IPA has a strong hop forward profile with a biscuity malt follow. You can find this year-round in cans and at the brewery.

Cannery Brewing- Darkling Oatmeal Stout

Cannery Brewing/Facebook

For a stout with a little less coffee profile, the Darkling Oatmeal Stout from Penticton’s Cannery Brewing is a fantastic alternative. Adding chocolate and toasted malt to the coffee makes this stout a little more balanced and smooth.

Original Post: Vancity Buzz

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