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Odd Society Celebrates Two Year Anniversary With Barrel-Aged Vodka

Odd Society is an excellent craft distillery in Vancouver, and if you haven’t visited them yet, there’s no better time than now. That’s because they are celebrating their second anniversary, and part of that celebration means the release of a special barrel-aged vodka!

Made by hand in East Vancouver from twice-distilled BC-grown malted barley, and aged in whisky barrels for four months, Odd Society’s Aged Vodka is warm, creamy and smooth with rich vanilla and oak flavours. With a limited run of just over 350 bottles, this celebratory spirit is available only at the distillery in 375 mL bottles and priced at $24.

“We came up with the idea of serving barrel-aged vodka in our cocktail lounge while we wait for the whisky to develop,” said Gordon Glanz, Odd Society Spirits Founder and Distiller. “Our 100% barley malt vodka is already very smooth, the aging makes it taste like a light scotch.”

Odd Society’s birthday celebration will include an extended happy hour from 4-7 on October 29. Guests are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes, as a first-run bottle of aged vodka is up for grabs for best dressed. Bartender Kylie Bartlett will also be pouring original cocktails including the one below made with the new vodka:



  When I Grow Up… [I want to be a Sazerac]

  •  1 oz Odd Society Mongrel Unaged Spirit
  •  1 oz Odd Society Aged East Van Vodka 
  •  .25 oz  simple syrup 
  •   2 drops Peychaud’s Bitters 
  •   5 dashes Orange Spitfire Brand Bitters 
  •   1 lemon peel 


Stir ingredients, strain into a coup galss. Snap lemon swath over drink, rim glass and drop in.




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