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Think you know beer? Try Beat the Brewmaster

There are a bunch of websites and app’s out there right now for the craft beer enthusiast, but none like the newly launched Beat the Brewmaster, which tests the metal of those who think they know their craft beer.

Here’s how it works: After signing up you receive access to their directory of craft beers. You can choose which beers you think you want to challenge and then go pour yourself a pint. It’s now your job to describe the beer your drinking in the categories of visual, aroma, taste, mouthfeel and aftertaste which is then compared with the brewmasters actual notes. If you score well, you earn badges and can move onto higher difficulty ranks where your margin of error is reduced.

It’s a clever way to engage the craft beer market, and one I can see working well both at home, and in a social setting; especially with that friend who seems to think they know everything about everything craft beer related. In addition to being able to share your badges and accomplishments, there’s the added perk of winning some prizing for your knowledge.

There is a limited selection of breweries participating at the moment, but as this grows, expect to have your beer knowledge put to the test, and maybe even learning a thing or two.

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