Five of the Best Spots to Drink Craft Beer in Vancouver

Let’s face it, at this stage of the game if you aren’t serving craft beer on your menu then you are way behind the times. It’s a given that you can pretty much go anywhere in Vancouver and find at least something decent; even the arenas have gotten on board and now serve a selection of craft beer.That being said, here are four places that take their craft beer seriously. These are carefully crafted menus that show the staff/owners know what their serving. And before you ask, I’ve excluded CRAFT simply because a ‘catch all’ menu isn’t the same as a carefully curated one.

1. Alibi Room

Any lover of craft beer in Vancouver has to be familiar with the Alibi Room. With over 50+ taps, it would seem like this is a catch-all pub but the reality is they’ve taken pride in the selection and it shows. This is the definitive place to try new beer.

2. Tangent Cafe

Tangent Cafe is one of my favourite spots on Commercial Drive. An intimate space that caters to casks and local beers, Tangent Cafe is where you go to enjoy a few comfortable pints with a group of friends.

3. The Whip

The Whip has the distinct advantage of being able to source their beer from right around the corner. Jammed right by Brassneck, Main Street and 33 Acres the Whip tries to stand out from the pack by offering a strong selection of rotating casks and taps.

4. St. Augustine’s

St. Augustine’s is the holy saint of beer here in Vancouver. With over 40 rotating taps, the only problem you’ll have is deciding what to try. The best feature is you can go online to see their current supply so you know to order that beer that is just about gone.

5. Bitter

Bitter proudly showcases the beers they have to offer with the prominent glass fridge along their entire bar. Again, one of the hardest choices you’ll make is what you’re drinking next. And with the recent switch of ownership to Darby’s the focus is even heavier on craft beer.

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