The Best Beer Accessories for your Craft Beer

Beer drinking is an art form, and like many art forms having the right tools elevates it to a whole new level. So for the beer drinking aficionados, here are the must-have accessories.

Innate Growler & Saison Beer Sleeve


Keeping your beer cold this summer is priority #1, and the Innate line of products do just that and more. The stainless steel beer sleeve and growler not only claim to keep your beer cold for up to four hours but also are sturdy for those rough trips through the woods or perhaps the accidental spill on the new craft beer bike tours? I’m personally using the beer sleeve and can vouch for the fact that it keeps your beer nice and cool even in direct sunlight.

Craft Beer Revolution


For anyone that has even a remote interest in the craft beer scene in B.C., Joe’s book is a must have. The book outlines the history of B.C.’s craft beer and goes into details of (mostly) all of the new craft breweries across the province. A great resource for diving into craft beer.

Tasting Flight


This is probably the only time you’ll see Etsy included in one of my beer posts, but these paddles are an excellent value. Made of solid Ash and stained to the colour you like, these paddles come with three tasting glasses bringing your beer parties to an authentic experience all for under $28 a paddle.

CAMRA Bottle Openers


I know bottle openers are a dime a dozen, but I’m honestly in love with CAMRA’s openers that make beer opening a simple matter of push and open. After a couple of beer, these openers are a life saver and best of all they are free! Find them at any CAMRA event.

33 Acres Porcelain Growler

33 acres

From function and durability to delicacy and beauty, the 33 acres growler are the polar opposite of the Innate growler. These gorgeous porcelain growlers are clean and a proper vessel to worship the craft beer inside. These come and go at 33 acres on limited runs. Also look for their custom leather coasters, which are also a great option.

Postmark Leather Growler Bike Carrier


Biking to and from the brewery? Forget a bike basket, get serious with a leather growler carrier from Postmark. These come in both 34 and 64oz sizes but are in limited runs. Ask the guys at Postmark when they will have these in stock.

Amazon Beer Glass Set


You should really be drinking your beer in the proper glass wear. This six piece set is by no means complete but it’ll get you on the way to drinking craft beer like a pro.

Original Post: Vancity Buzz

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